Meet Our Creative Collaborators

Tafsila, a woman of Asian appearance with long fair hair. She is smiling, behind her is a hedge
Tafsila Khan Tafsila is a registered blind creative practitioner and access consultant. She first got involved with Taking Flight back in 2018 during the production of Kaite O‘Reilly’s peeling. Since then Tafsila has worked on a number or R&Ds and delivered blind awareness training with the company. Tafsila also sat on the Taking Flight Board of Trustees between July 2020 – November 2022.
“Taking Flight is one of the main reasons I work in the arts sector in Wales. I really resonate with the company’s values and support their mission to make theatre in Wales accessible to all & to champion the voices and stories of disabled creatives.”
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Alastair Sill “I remember watching A Midsummer’s Night Dream at the Stackpole Estate, with the sun setting over the farm buildings and the swallows having a party! It must have been in 2008, Taking Flight’s first Shakespeare production. Wow! It was beautiful. And it was inspiring too, the unbridled energy, enthusiasm and dedication – theatre for all, performers and audience alike! I think it was the friendliness and attention to detail that most struck me. I introduced myself to the company as an actor / audio describer and now it’s fifteen years later! Aaargh! I have been lucky enough to audio describe many of Taking Flight’s outdoor Shakespeare productions. I had never described anything outdoors before, so this in itself was something very new to me and a fantastic challenge! The company then began to push the creative possibilities of audio description and it has been very exciting to be part of this journey, as an audio describer, actor and collaborator. Without Taking Flight, I don’t think I’d have properly recognised the creative possibilities of audio description or had the confidence to pursue it in this way.”
A white woman with greying brown hair smiled for the camera, She wears glasses and a large grey scarf
Mary-Jayne Russell de Clifford
“I have been involved with Taking Flight since 2021 during the lockdown and my relationship with Taking Flight built up over time and I am honoured to be a Creative Collaborator with this remarkable company. I am a theatre maker and facilitator, passionate about Deaf theatre, BSL integrated productions and empowering people through the use of theatre and drama since 2005.
​​I worked as a freelance drama facilitator, workshop leader, scriptwriter, BSL storyteller, BSL poet, BSL/Deaf/Access Consultant in theatre industries and theatre director.<
I look forward to continue with my collaboration and furthermore with Taking Flight and to meet more people to collaborate with us.”
A white woman with blond curly hair looks over her shoulder at the camera, she is outside walking across a bridge on a sunny day
Ruth Stringer
Ruth is a set and costume designer based in South Wales, with an MA in Theatre Design from Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Ruth has been designing for theatre, opera, dance and installation for 12 years. Her favourite projects seek out unusual and outdoor spaces, embed the heart of the community, and celebrate green practice in their design and realisation. Ruth is a strong advocate for working sustainably in the performance industry. In 2019 she took part in National Theatre Wales’ residency, Egin, which explored artistic responses to climate change – a theme she is developing in her projects. Ruth is a core member of the Ecostage team (, and of the Society of British Theatre Designers Sustainability Working Group. In 2022 she joined GALWAD as Co-Sustainability and Impacts Manager.
“I assisted designer Becky Davies on Taking Flight’s production of Romeo and Juliet! It was a blast, Becky’s designs were beautiful and really opened my eyes to what inclusive set and costume design could and should be. Since then, I’ve been on board with Taking Flight’s Covid-19 projects, The First Three Drops and The Curious Case of Aberlliw, and have consulted on their behind-the-scenes sustainability actions. What does Taking Flight mean to me? It’s a big, joyous family – everyone is welcome, and everyone is provided for. When I first walked into rehearsals for Romeo and Juliet, Elise was nursing her baby whilst directing a scene – no fuss, no hassle – it inspiring to me as a freelance creative who had no idea if working in theatre and having children was actually doable. Fast forward a few years, Taking Flight worked with me over my own pregnancy, and have made it so easy for me to return to design projects as a new mum!”
A white woman with glasses and large hoop earring smiles for the camera. She wears a bright red animal print tshirt
Becky Davies
Becky is an English and Welsh speaking Creative Practitioner, based in Pontypridd.  With over 10 years experience, she takes on many roles for her freelance work including Set and Costume Designer for theatre and performance, and many years working with Taking Flight Theatre Company as a Creative Collaborator. Becky is also an artist working mainly in installation, sculpture, drawing and painting; a workshop facilitator and community artist; a Creative Access specialist, making exhibitions and performances an accessible and inclusive, multi-sensory experience; and an illustrator entering the world of book illustration.  ​Becky works as a part-time, Senior Lecturer on the BA(Hons) Creative and Therapeutic Arts course at the University of South Wales, one of only two of its kind in the UK.  The course develops students as Socially Engaged Artists, Community Artists, Participatory Artists, Arts in Health Practitioners and other related disciplines.
A white man with dark hair sweot over hair and a beard leans against a brick wall. He is smiling
Sam Bees
Sam Bees hails from Treorchy in the Rhondda Valley- a town famous for its male voice choir, its bustling independent high street and a library that has yet to be closed down. He studied acting at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, and since his graduation in 2007 has turned his hand to playwriting. Since his first production In the River for Dirty Protest Theatre Company in 2008 at The Sherman, he has had over 20 works produced, including a recent co-production with Theatre 503 and The Other Room Theatre, Meatman.
Sam has worked with Taking Flight Theatre as an actor (playing roles from Romeo to Scullery in Jim Cartwright’s Road), a facilitator and a writer since 2010.
A headshot of a white woman with blond hair tied in a top knot. She wears bright coppper eyeshadow
Jenna Preece
“From volunteering and shadowing on tours I began my acting career becoming a understudy in the play Real Human Being, from there my adventures with Taking Flight expanded through training, running workshops and community projects. I have appeared or been a part of a lot of Taking Flights projects throughout the years. Taking Flight is my home and family giving me a voice and freedom and love, to be in a safe supportive creative environment with real friends who value me as an individual is a dream my younger self would not be able to conceive. I hope I will always have Taking Flight involved in my career and personal life.”
A white man with glasses and a beard works at a lighting desk in a theatre balcony
Garrin Clarke
Garrin is a disabled Stage/Production Manager and Lighting Designer based in Wales. Garrin first worked with Taking Flight in 2019 and has since then worked with the team on theatre tours, digital exploration, creative access projects and after being sponsored by Taking Flight to join the Fuel Freelance Taskforce in lockdown, joined the company full time in 2021 as Technical & Production Manager.

“Now I am returning to freelance work, I am excited to take what I’ve learnt with Taking Flight and help others create beautifully accessible work as Taking Flight have been. I am really excited to be joining Taking Flight’s Creative Collaborators, joining the other fantastic creatives and continuing my journey with Taking Flight. Taking Flight supported my journey of not only accepting my disability but feeling empowered by it and using it in own practice.”

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