Deaf & Fabulous Productions & Taking Flight Theatre Company in coproduction with The Welfare & Theatrau Sir Gâr

Thursday 29th April – Wednesday 5th May 2021.

Lissa is defensive, deaf and failing university – the last thing she needs right now is to fall in love.

Siôn is a wide-eyed Pontardawe boy with rock star dreams, desperately in love and about to have his heart broken. 

And Josh…well Josh just wants to beat the end of level Boss.

With humour, honesty and A LOT of breakdowns in communication, Fow asks us how we fall in love when we don’t hear each other and finds there is ALWAYS a way if you just look hard enough.

A truly heart-warming love story told online in different languages, including BSL, Cymraeg and English.

Suitable for audiences aged 14+, Fow features integrated captions.


Fow (definition): BSL lip pattern accompanying a sign meaning a breakdown in communication/inability to understand. No direct translation in English or Welsh, the closest being the phrase ‘That went straight over my head!’

Unless you are someone who understands BSL, Cymraeg and English, there will be parts of the show that will be ‘fow’ for you. This is how we want you to experience the performance and is not a technical error. If however you would like to experience the performance with the reassurance of English captions throughout, we will also have a version for ticket holders that is fully captioned in English. Captioned text in the original version will be in the same language as the dialogue.

“Accessible theatre? Do it properly…Do it like this” The Guardian on peeling/Taking Flight.

“Funny & moving”  British Theatre Guide on Alun Saunders’s award-winning play, A Good Clean Heart.

A heartwarming, uplifting tale” Wales Arts Review on A Good Clean Heart

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We recommend that you watch Fow on as big a screen as is available to you, especially if you will be using BSL interpretation. There is information on how to connect your device to your telelvision in our technical help, which you can access from the screening room, or from here. There is a written guide with photos, links to how to guides, and audio guide and a BSL explainer, which you can also watch on the right hand side of this page -> -> ->

 Enjoy the show. Mwynhewch!

Supported by Arts Council Wales, Welsh Government, the National Lottery &  Unlimited.

Image is a biro drawing of a young male in purple, he has his hand to his mouth and an L scribbled in coral red over his eyes.
a man drawn in coral, holding a gaming controller, he has a beard and his mouth is open, perhaps in shock or frustration. A large moustache and eyepatch have been drawn over his face in blue and purple.
a young woman drawn in blue, she has short frizzy hair, her eyes and mouth wide open in shock, her hand is over her face, she peers out from behind it. Her face has been scribbled on in coral and a forked tongue drawn coming out of her mouth.

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English (UK)
Sgipiwch i'r cynnwys