Marketing mage for the Flying Squad.Four daft detectives at play in a country park

The Flying Squad

The Flying Squad A roaming piece for festivals & events Our hapless detectives have a crime to solve, but all eye-witness accounts lead them to only one conclusion – the culprit is one of their own. Will they solve the crime, will they get back to the station before lunch, and most importantly, was there

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A woman wearing oversized head phones and an elaborate dress made from the white pages of an audiogram, is poises to click a remote trigger that she holds outstretched in front of her

Not Sorry

Thanks to support from Arts Council Wales, we are pleased to announce two new appointments to the team. Steph Back is joining us on a full time basis, expanding on her current part time role, as Access, Inclusion and Participation Manager. Garrin Clarke joins us full time as Production and Technical Manager from September. Both are already valued members of the team from their part time or freelance work with us and we can’t wait to see their lovely faces on a more regular basis.

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