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Thanks to support from Arts Council Wales, we are pleased to announce two new appointments to the team. Steph Back is joining us on a full time basis, expanding on her current part time role, as Access, Inclusion and Participation Manager. Garrin Clarke joins us full time as Production and Technical Manager from September. Both are already valued members of the team from their part time or freelance work with us and we can’t wait to see their lovely faces on a more regular basis.


Written by/Sgwennwyd gan Alun Saunders
Based on a concept by/Wedi’i seilio ar syniad gan Stephanie Back
Directed by/Cyfarwyddwyd gan Elise Davison

First Three Drops

First Three Drops returns for Limited Festive run (29-31 December only) With thanks to Admiral Group A Taking Flight/Park & Dare Theatre Co-production BOOK NOW Ceridwen the witch has a problem. Whilst her daughter is beautiful and bright, her son Morfran is something of a lost cause. There is only one thing for it: powerful …

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Peeling by Kaite O’Reilly In shadow, 3 performers await their brief moment in the light. Alfa, Beaty and Coral wait… wait while once more the action plays out elsewhere. Often blisteringly funny, at times almost unbearably painful; peeling takes us backstage into a world of secrets, a world of stories about mothers and their children, …

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You’ve Got Dragons

You’ve Got Dragons Based on the book by Kathryn Cave “Dragons come when you least expect it. You turn round…and they’re there.” Lots of people get them; bad dreams, swirly tummy, feeling prickly. And sometimes they make you feel alone. So, what can a young child with a bad case of the dragons do? A …

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The Anti Fun Ministry

The Anti Fun Ministry A roaming piece for festivals & events Is your festival or event looking like it might just be too much fun to handle? Let Taking Flight’s Anti Fun Ministry ensure merrymaking does not exceed management approved levels. The Deputy Minister and Under Deputy Minister will patrol your event at allotted times, …

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Honour and Cherish

Honour and Cherish A roaming piece for festivals & events Meet Honour and Cherish; a jilted bride- zilla and her long suffering mother who are looking for absolutely anyone to take Cherish’s hand… there will Deaf- initely be a wedding today. The only question is, who will be the lucky groom? A moveabout piece in …

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