A close up of the poster for the Conjurer of Cwrtycadno. In B&W a young girl with long blond hair looks surprised Around her are two fairies in orange and purple representing autumn and winter seasons

The Conjurer of Cwrtycadno 2023

A Taking Flight Theatre/LAStheatre/Awen Cultural Trust coproduction

The Department of Strange Events presents

The Conjuror of Cwrtycadno

Are you a brave and curious soul? Calm and collected under pressure? Experienced with handling fairies? Then The Department of Strange Events needs your help.

Whilst researching her ancestry in the National Library of Wales a young woman named Heledd Harries discovered a book by her Great Great Great Great Grandfather. A book of incantations! Heledd knew nothing of the magic in her blood or the trouble she was about to cause. Now we need your help to get hundreds of bewildered Tylwyth Teg back to their homes.

The Conjurer of Cwrtycadno is an accessible adventure for families taking place across Wales this Summer. Part treasure hunt, part theatre production, the show features integrated BSL and live audio description. Join us for this curious tale – a celebration of Welsh folklore, magic and the changing of the seasons.

Original production funded by Bridgend County Council’s Social Recovery Fund.

Written by: Barra Collins

Director: Elise Davison

Design: Ruth Stringer

Composer: Sam Bees

Lighting Design: Garrin Clarke

Rehearsal photos: Kirsten McTernan

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