Stella Patrick

Louise, a greyhaired woman, wearing a striped top signs.

Louise Ralph

Louise Ralph Executive Director Louise joined the team in 2016 thanks to Arts Council of Wales Creative Steps funding, & set to work immediately to ensure the quality of administration at Taking Flight matched the high standards set on stage.   Cyfarwyddwraig Weithredol Ymunodd Louise â’r tîm yn 2016 diolch i gyllid Camau Creadigol oddi …

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Steph, a curly haired woman, wearing a red top and purple hoody signs.

Steph Bailey-Scott

Steph Bailey-Scott Participation, Access & Inclusion Officer Steph is a profoundly Deaf actress, theatre maker and workshop leader. She is the lead facilitator our youth theatre for Deaf and Hard of hearing young people something that she is extremely passionate about! She also leads our Deaf Awareness training.  Swyddog Cyfranogi, Rhwyddfynediad a Chynhwysiant Mae Steph …

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Elise, a blonde haired woman, wearing a dark top signs. I

Elise Davison

Elise Davison Artistic Director Elise is responsible for the overall artistic vision of the company. She is studying level 6 British Sign Language and has lots of experience embedding creative access. Cyfarwyddwraig Artistig Elise sy’n gyfrifol am weledigaeth artistig gyffredinol y cwmni. Mae hi’n astudio Iaith Arwyddion Prydain (BSL) lefel 6 ac mae hi wedi …

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Ioan wearing a blue paper wig cradles a blanket as a baby, other cast members crowd around him in glee

Investment Review

Statement from the board of trustees of Taking Flight on the outcome of Arts Council Wales Investment Review 2023: “Earlier this year, along with many other arts organisations across Wales, we submitted an application to Arts Council Wales Investment review 2023 for revenue funding to help us to continue and develop our work; taking risks with creative access …

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Marketing mage for the Flying Squad.Four daft detectives at play in a country park

The Flying Squad

The Flying Squad A roaming piece for festivals & events Our hapless detectives have a crime to solve, but all eye-witness accounts lead them to only one conclusion – the culprit is one of their own. Will they solve the crime, will they get back to the station before lunch, and most importantly, was there …

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The cast of First Three Drops, costumed in brown and beige hues gather excitedly around a large box, from which escapes a magical light

First Three Drops 2023

First Three Drops A Taking Flight/Park & Dare Theatre Co-production Ceridwen the witch has a problem..a big problem.  There is only one thing for it: powerful magic is needed. When Ceridwen leaves Gwion, her son’s best friend, in charge of stirring her VIP (very important potion) for a year and a day, she can never …

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