The Curious Case of Aberlliw

The Department of Strange Events

The Curious Case of Aberlliw

Calling all detectives, discoverers and those who dare to dream!  

Welcome to the Department of Strange Events. As a new recruit, you are thrown in the deep end with the troubling news that a small town in Wales is suffering from a catastrophic, complete loss of colour! One year ago something stole all the colour and nothing has been the same since. Can you help us solve the Curious Case of Aberlliw?

If you can help the townsfolk bring the colours back to Aberlliw in just 60 minutes, promotion and a permanent position within the Department are on the cards for sure!

You will receive live video updates from Aberlliw and tasks to complete via an app as you journey around Llyn Lech Owain, Cross Hands or Bryngarw Country Park.

Good luck Agent – and remember the world is watching.

An outdoor adventure for families about the magic inside all of us.

Places are strictly limited to keep your adventure Covid safe, come back soon for booking links!

English (UK)
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