A collage image mixing photography with line drawings. Valleys streets in the foreground with a heavy clouded sky in the background, almost obscure a mountain in the distance. Dotted throughout the foreground are the outlines of people going about their day, each familiar shape filled with a snippet of a photograph from the Rhondda Valleys - a woman leans out of a first-floor window, a wheelchair user crosses the road, a man walks his dog, a couple walk arm in arm and there is even a man singing from the rooftops. The word Road spans the sky in 80s newspaper headline type print.



“THIS IS OUR ROAD! But tonight, it’s your road an’ all. You’ll meet all sorts down ‘yer. Anything could happen tonight like. ‘ANG ON, ‘yer we go!”

When Jim Cartwright wrote Road, Top Gun was in cinema, Ukraine was in the news, the Tories were in charge and everything was going to shit. Sound familiar?

Join us for a wild night. Our mate Scullery is taking you on a tour of our road. It’s not mint, and not all the locals are tidy – but it’s ours, and if you’re up for it, we’ll let you come along for the ride.

Taking Flight Theatre takes up residence to reimagine this 80’s classic for the Rhondda.

In English and BSL with creative captions and audio description.

Ages 16+ Contains strong language and scenes of an adult nature.

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View Becky Davies’s gorgeous costume flipbook and BSL Introductions, and listen to audio character introductions below.

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