Artwork for the First Three Drops. A lovespoon featuring elements from the story of Taliesin: a cauldron, a hare, a fish and a sleeping baby. Logos for producers Taking Flight & the Park and Dare

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First Three Drops

Education Package

We have worked with Alan Thomas-Williams from Ysgol Treganna in Cardiff to develop a range of lesson plans spanning all six areas of learning, to help you and your pupils to get the most out of your virtual school trip to see First Three Drops.

You can find our guide to linking the show to the curriculum here.

And the lesson plans can be found here:

Language, Literacy & Communication

Mathematics & Numeracy


Health & Wellbeing

Science & Technology

Expressive Arts

Download First Three Drops Superstar stickers here

If you would like any more information on bringing First Three Drops to your school, do not hesitate to contact us:

Newidiwch iaith i weld yr asedau ar gyfer Ysgolion Cynradd Cymraeg
Photos from a screenshot of First Three Drops on Zoom, There are four photos, top left is a white man, wearing a shirt, tie and waistcoat plus a bowler hat - Sam the storyteller. Top right is a black man wearing a yellow tshirt, he has a beard and is smiling - Paul, who plays Gwion. Bottom left, a white woman with red curly hair signs to the camera - Steph who palys Morfran. Bottom right is a smiling white man with dark hair and beard wearing a red shirt - Ioan plays Ceridwen.
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Sgipiwch i'r cynnwys