Ein Straeon Ni

Ioan wearing a blue paper wig cradles a blanket as a baby, other cast members crowd around him in glee

Arolwg Buddsoddiadau

Statement from the board of trustees of Taking Flight on the outcome of Arts Council Wales Investment Review 2023: “Earlier this year, along with many other

Darllen mwy
The cast of First Three Drops, costumed in brown and beige hues gather excitedly around a large box, from which escapes a magical light

First Three Drops 2023

First Three Drops A Taking Flight/Park & Dare Theatre Co-production Ceridwen the witch has a problem..a big problem.  There is only one thing for it:

Darllen mwy
A close up of the poster for the Conjurer of Cwrtycadno. In B&W a young girl with long blond hair looks surprised Around her are two fairies in orange and purple representing autumn and winter seasons

The Conjurer of Cwrtycadno 2023

Ydych chi’n ddewr ac yn chwilfrydig? Ai rhywun tawel, di-gyffro ydych chi? Oes gyda chi brofiad o ddelio â’r Tylwyth Teg? Os felly, mae ar Adran y Digwyddiadau Rhyfedd angen eich cymorth chi.

Darllen mwy
A monochrome photo of Tafsila, a woman of Asian appearance with long fair hair. She is smiling, her image is framed is dark orange, with irregular shaped dots in purple, yellow and turquoise

Rôl Newydd

We’re delighted to announce that Tafsila Khan is officially joining the team as trainee Access Co-ordinator. This is a new role for the industry, and

Darllen mwy
Illustration of a global majority man and woman. The word Shwmae Welsh for Hi/How are you, comes out of her mouth. He signs the BSL for How are you?

Cysylltiadau Creadigol

The Intersectional Identities project is an 18 month project looking at D/deaf, Black, and Welsh speaking people and how these identities overlap (intersect). We have

Darllen mwy
Taking Flight Logo

Theatr Taking Flight
Canolfan y Celfyddydau Chapter
Stryd Y Farchnad
Canton, Cardiff, CF5 1QE
029 2023 0020

Mae’r Theatr Ieuenctid yn cwrdd yng:

University of South Wales
86-88 Adam St
Cardiff CF24 2FN

Members of:

A selection of logos: WCVA, Tempo, Creu Cymru, TYA Cymru, Outdoor Arts UK, The Cardiff Committment and Passport to the City


Cyfrannwch arian

Cefnogwch Taking Flight trwy rodd hael. Cewch gyfrannu’n ddiogel trwy ein gwefan (isod), neu anfonwch siec yn daladwy i Taking Flight Theatre. (Os ydych chi’n talu trethi yn y DU, cliciwch ar yr opsiwn Rhodd Cymorth wrth roi ar-lein). Diolch!

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